Patrick Hotovy for Nebraska
Candidate Positions

Economic Development:

Being aggressive in attracting new businesses and helping our current businesses expand is essential to Nebraska’s growth. This increases our tax base and helps lower taxes. I would prioritize workforce development and adequate housing to encourage continued economic development.


As a former school board member, I believe that educating our children is perhaps the most important constitutional responsibility of our state. I am in favor of fair funding of our public schools. Anything we do to de-fund our public education system will hurt already vulnerable students. We need to unburden our schools from needless regulation.

Government Spending/Taxes:

As a fiscal conservative, I am concerned that our taxes are too high and are limiting our state’s ability to grow. I want to increase the efficiency and limit growth of our state government. I believe in smaller government and believe the people of the state need to have serious discussions about the essential functions of state government.


Healthcare is becoming less and less affordable. Insurance is too expensive for employers and high deductibles make employees functionally uninsured. Insurance companies should not be a barrier to patients getting the care that they need.


Growing up on a farm in Seward County, I saw firsthand the importance of agriculture as a driver of our state’s economy. I will advocate for the adoption of policies to help our producers be successful as they work to feed our world and drive our state’s economic prosperity.


I believe in a reasonable approach to the protection of our environment. Individuals need to act responsibly to preserve our environment.

Sanctity of Life:

I believe that all life is sacred.

2nd Amendment:

Citizens have a right to lawfully and responsibly own a firearm.